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Vanessa von Zitzewitz is a German photographer based in Monaco

Vanessa von Zitzewitz, has established herself as an influential artist in the world of photography. Her early artistic sensibility became a source of inspiration for notable jewelry campaigns by esteemed brands like Cartier and Graff. However, it was through her captivating portraits that Vanessa’s true aspirations took shape.

Vanessa von Zitzewitz has had the privilege of photographing distinguished personalities such as Gianni Agnelli, Pharell Williams, Carla Bruni, Princess Charlene of Monaco, Raphaël Nadal, and Mick Jager. These notable individuals entrusted her with capturing their essence through her distinct black and white style. A master of portraiture and a true aesthete, Vanessa has honed her craft over the years, developing a portrait style that is simultaneously universal and deeply personal, capturing the essence of womanhood.

Her photographic compositions often feature a striking contrast between modest nudes and unexpected settings. Vanessa expertly incorporates elements like water in her series “Catwalk” and rocks in “Snake,” while also embracing the complicity of majestic animals. Notably, her breathtaking series “Dancing with Elephants” pays homage to the legendary Richard Avedon. Vanessa’s profound passion for animals, particularly horses, is an integral part of her artistic journey.

Vanessa von Zitzewitz’s talent has gained recognition on a global scale, with her work showcased in prestigious exhibitions and galleries. Her photographs have been featured in prominent art fairs and exhibitions such as Frieze Masters, Paris Photo, Fotographiska, Art Basel, South Hampton, and Miami Art Fair. Furthermore, her solo exhibitions have been held in renowned cities including Paris, Monaco, Brussels, Turin, Milan, Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, London, NYC, Los Angeles, and Tokyo.